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The Monitoring Committee has delegated its responsibility for project selection to one Steering Committee for INTERREG VA as provided by Article 12 of Regulation (EC) No 1299/2013.

The Steering Committees are constituted on a cross-border basis to reflect the principles of partnership.  The Steering Committees will have access to required technical and financial expertise when required in order to make an informed decision.  The JS is the secretariat for both committees.

The Steering Committee is established to:

  • Approve calls for applications;
  • Make decisions on project applications and the allocation of grant award;
  • Ensure that projects approved for funding address the key aims and requirements of the Programmes, namely;
    • To ensure contribution to respective results and outputs for each Programme;
    • Ensure compliance with cross cutting themes - equality, sustainable development, cross-border cooperation.
  • Make decisions demonstrating the most efficient use of grant aid and ensure the delivery of the outputs required within the Cooperation Programme;
  • Ensure project approvals are within the financial confines of the relevant theme;
  • Ensure all decisions are in accordance with EU law and Programme requirements;
  • Be the final decision body to allocate monies to projects.


For INTERREG VA, the Steering Committee, and its rolling membership depending in the thematic objective, has responsibility for ensuring the delivery of all thematic objectives within the Programme as follows:

  • Research & Innovation
  • Environment
  • Sustainable Transport
  • Health


The INTERREG VA Steering Committee is structured on the following basis:

make up of interreg steering committee

Where applicable, representatives of The Priority Area Coordinators (The University of Plymouth and The National University of Ireland, Galway) will be invited to attend Steering Committee meetings in the capacity of an Observer.

*The relevant Accountable Department (Ireland and Northern Ireland) for the theme in which the application has been submitted will have on representative on the Committee.  Whilst the Scottish Government does not have accountable departments, it may nominate an additional representative from the relevant policy department.


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