Sustainable Transport

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Sustainable Transport (ERDF €40m)

Transportation across the region is dominated by car usage, which results in high carbon emissions.  This trend is set to increase in line with rising population and economic growth.  The Programme will provide support to greater connectivity between the three jurisdictions, creating a more coherent and integrated network, which can join up public transport, cycling and the enhanced use of electric vehicles.

This objective will promote cross-border, intermodal and sustainable mobility in the region.  It will result in an increased number of passenger journeys (up to 25%) utilising cross-border public transport services by 2023.  It will also increase the number of cross-border journeys made by walking/cycling (up to 10%) in the region, as well as the number of Electric Vehicle (EV) registrations, up to 2,000 by 2023.

Bus inside a green circle

Output: Creation of one cross-border, multi-modal public transport hub encompassing integrated services

Bus inside a green circle

Output: Creation of 80km of new cross-border greenways

Bus inside a green circle

Output: Creation of a cross-border EV network including 73 new/upgraded rapid chargers


The above outputs can be achieved through the following indicative actions:

  • Development of a cross-border, multi-modal hub which facilitates a shift to public transport by providing modern, cross-border, integrated services, such as park and ride, public cycle schemes and car share, etc;
  • Development of cross-border greenways and cycle networks to reduce car journeys in cross-border transportation;
  • Development of the existing cross-border infrastructure for electric vehicles, including upgrading/establishing rapid transport chargers and battery storage units;
  • Development of the existing cross-border infrastructure for electric vehicles to ensure it aligns with and complements the Rapid Charger Network and enhances connectivity and cross-border mobility;
  • Research into charging infrastructure, specifically more sustainable approaches to charging electric vehicles, including the use of EV chargers on ferries.


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